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Our Commitment to Our Idaho Neighbors

Just like you, we live and work in Meridian and Twin Falls, Idaho. This proximity to our clients gives us an advantage when customizing policies. Simply by residing in the same neighborhoods and driving down the same streets, we can develop an understanding of the risks prevalent to the area and pursue coverage accordingly.

Our commitment to community, however, extends beyond the confines of insurance offerings. As an agency, we strive to invest time and resources towards the assets that matter most. To us, our Idaho neighbors are one of the most valuable entities.  

The staff at Mustard Seed Financial & Insurance is involved with two main community outreach programs: Rake Up Boise and Mustard Seed Baseball Club. Rake Up Boise is a volunteer community outreach program designed to help our older and disabled neighbors rake their leaves and landscape their property. On the other hand, Mustard Seed Baseball Club reaches the youth population by serving as a non-profit little league baseball team.

Mustard Seed Baseball Club

Mustard Seed Baseball Club is run by Kelly Link, president of Mustard Seed Financial & Insurance, and is coached by Eric Fox, a member of the Mustard Seed Financial & Insurance staff. The team operates with the mission of ‘teaching character, leadership, and life lessons through the game of baseball.’